Bike Ride: A Romantic & Intimate Date

couple having fun on a date while biking around Central Park

Dating is something that has existed for many years already because we all know that it is in human’s nature to find the right partner in life and spending intimate moments of casually going out are one of the best ways to get to know a person more.

couple having fun on a date while biking around Central ParkThere are different kinds of dates, and some of the most common are going out for dinner, going to the cinema to watch a movie, having some coffee, going to the beach, and more. Since these are the most favorite kinds of dates, some people are doing their best to do something unique, simple, or thrilling. Others are also becoming more and more concerned with having a date that doesn’t much but would be just as enjoyable.

Have you ever heard of “fitness dates?” From the word itself, this kind of date is something unusual but fun, and it hits two birds with one stone because it keeps both people active. If done consistently, it could be a great way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever tried going biking? If not, it might just be the perfect set up for the two of you. Here are some of the reasons why biking is a unique way of going out on a date with your boo, and it could be just as intimate and romantic.


Saving money no matter how small or big, it is still saving. Dinner dates outside can be very expensive especially in high-end restaurants. It also takes so much effort to call for reservations, suit up and dress well, etc. Well, we’re not saying that it’s bad to go on a date in a restaurant but if it causes so much loss in the budget, then maybe it’s time to start considering other things. For example, renting a bicycle in NYC for a whole day around Central Park would cost half or less than the price that you pay in fine dining. If you get to spend that much time together, it just becomes more intimate.

romantic bike ride - both healthy and cost effectiveHealth

A single bike ride may not do much but making it a habit would certainly be helpful. There are lots of health benefits in doing it as an exercise and doing it with your date will not just create a bond between the two of you, but it would also encourage physical fitness. It’s healthy for the body and your relationship.


Your first reaction might be, “how can bike riding be romantic?” because it’s just riding a bicycle and going around places. Let me guess; you don’t watch movies that much! If you do, try and remember those romantic films where they chase each other as they go bike riding, then they bring food and blanket in their baskets to find the perfect spot for a picnic. That sounds very romantic, right? There’s just something so classic and straightforward about it, but still, it’s very heartwarming just to enjoy each other’s company.


This sounds literal, but it’s also more than just that. A pumping heart is certainly healthy and doing it with someone you intend to know better or maybe with someone who’s already close to you will just make things even better. It emotionally binds the two of you, and the adrenaline hikes up whether you’re doing a casual and relaxing ride or something extreme like mountain biking.


Biking takes you to places. You can spend your time roaming around the Central Park, or you can go around the city too. There are some views and locations that you don’t get to see on a typical tour or a daily commute. Having a bike ride might just help you discover unusual but beautiful places, together with your date, it could even give a deeper meaning too.

If you think you are ready to go on a bike ride, start asking your date out and make sure that you will prepare for it. If you’d want something more risky and spontaneous, you can also let the mood flow between the two of you as you explore a different kind of experience together.

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