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There is a great need for people to get educated. Being educated is said to be the most important for civilization and industrialization. Education is a sector that guarantees profit because this path has not been treads so often. As we have entered the twenty first century, education plays a vital role as that is what has brought humanity together. No matter how much we learn there is a saying that one needs to learn everyday if one wants to continue progress in life. Education is the part and parcel of our existence and it is the most thriving and highly profitable industry at the moment.

  • Open a Primary or Nursery School: Any business starts from small so why not begin with a primary or nursery school. In most places it is mandatory to obtain a license and accreditation from the education department. Once this has been done all that one needs space to accommodate the school and the children all in one. Also remember that one must be equally qualified himself or herself to open a school. Once we have all this in place there is an investment on the furniture like table and benches, blackboards, study charts etc. The staff can be increased as the number of students begins to increase.1434873353049
  • Start a Driving school; Times have changed and so are modes of transport. If one is educated but not independent then nothing is learnt. Hence one needs to have an individual transport to get him or her to the work place in time. As cars are in vogue and no longer considered a luxury item, it is good to learn to drive a car. Come summer, winter or rains the car is the ideal vehicle to get from one place to another. In fact the car is considered an all season vehicle and does not cost the world. In this context there is a great demand for someone to teach car driving and this is where the driving school comes into the picture. For this also one must have a registered license from the RTO. Also one will need a permit and approval from the regulated authority to open a school for driving.schoolchildren-computers-008
  • Start an online school: This is a new concept and is catching up very fast. In fact Universities all over the world are creating online learning platforms for students from all parts of the world. One can obtain a technical skill as well as a diploma in vocational skills or a degree in MBA. One has to have the passion for being part of the education field then a few basics have to be done. One will require a license, permit and accreditation from the government and one can successfully start one’s own degree, diploma online school.
  • Starting a music school: This is another thriving and profitable business in which one can venture into. People pay to learn various musical instruments and so if one has a degree in music one can consider opening a music school. One would need money to rent a facility and purchase different musical instruments.

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