Costs of Acupuncture Treatment

Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is an archaic Chinese alternative medication that originated some 3000 years back. When most of the people thought acupuncture was used only in China, the whole ancient world had already become a keen practitioner of it. This method enhances and promotes the body’s efficiency in natural healing and improves the body’s conditions to function accurately. It is an old Chinese belief that our body is interconnected within through channels of energy, which run like tributaries on the surface of the body. These channels are called Meridian, and whenever there is a blockage or an imbalance in the flow of energy, acupuncture treatment has a part to play. The needles that are pricked at several acupressure spots, the knot, is tangled, and the energy once again flows normally.
Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture was ideally associated with all sorts of pain relief but it was only later that several researchers and doctors found its efficiency in boosting another general medication or treatment, it works as an adjunct to medical treatments in quite a few medical and surgical disorders.

The cost of acupuncture varies; it depends on upon the clinic, practitioner or doctor’s experience, and proficiency level and also what other services it includes. The fees for the first session usually range from $75 to 120 for an acupuncture session along with a medical consultation, whereas routine checkups are less, and it ranges from $50 to $70.

The very first session or treatment provided by the New York City acupuncture clinics or practitioners is expensively owing to its longer periods and comprehensive nature. The costs do not vary markedly; it is about the same across the nation, the clinics and practitioners are mostly chiropractors and for this reason, they keep the analogous costs.  Now that the treatment has transformed into a famous alternative medication and has been well accepted by most people in the west, the clinics are offering package price, discounts and even authorized deal-of-the-day services to give recommendations to customers online.
The acupuncture sessions are ordinary between half an hour and one complete hour, depending upon the type of disorder and also the package. Some issues take just one session to recuperate whereas issues like frozen shoulder, sciatica, asthma, smoking cessation, weight loss, etc. take a longer time, the sessions can go up to six months or a year.

If your treatment were taken care of by the health insurance, then you would notice that each service offered within one acupuncture session is charged in an a la carte manner. These services encompass cupping, electro stimulation, moxibustion, massage therapy, etc.

What is your money buying? :
In your first session, the practitioner will jot down your medical and health history by examining your pulse and tongue. This is followed by a detailed description of all the disorders and diseases you ever contracted and the kind of medications you have been subjected to. The first session is always the longest and on the other hand, the follow-ups are usually 30 to 40 minutes.=

Some clinics or practitioners have a policy where they offer discounts to patients, who pay for multiple visits in advance. For example, The YinOva Center, New York NY, ideally charges $80 for each visit, but if a patient agrees to the terms and condition of the prepay policy, then he/she would only have to pay $600 instead of $800, for ten visits.

There are additional costs to a session, only for the ones who take specialized Chinese herbs or teas in the form supplements or adjunct medication for treatments like chronic illnesses like insomnia, depression or anxiety.

Costs of Acupuncture Treatment
It has been a recent development that health insurance has started covering alternative medication in their policy, all you need to do is give your insurer a call and inquire about the details, ask about the number of sessions covered and what type of disorders are taken into consideration. If you want to go that extra mile in saving some more bucks, you could try a school. Acupuncture schools have clinic facilities where you can receive professional treatment, starting from $40 for a session of one of two hours.

In case your conditions are limited to stress or a headache, rather than going for a clinic or professional practitioners consider visiting a community acupuncture clinic, where the fees are as low as $15. Use ‘Flex Spending Dollars’ to pay for treatments, this way your cost is reduced by 20 percent. To avail this offer, you need to ask your employer that whether or not acupuncture is included in the list of approved expenses.

Above all, you should do extensive research on different acupuncture clinics and their reviews that other patients have published on the Internet. Real experiences by patients always help you take the correct path and save money.

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