The Importance of Hydration for Korean Skincare

Hydration in Korean Skincare

When you look at Korean beauty products, you will find many of them branded as water based and geared for hydration. This branding is not only seen in moisturizers and creams, but also, surprisingly, in blushes, lipsticks, and eye makeup as well.

Hydration in Korean SkincareThe concept of hydration is so important in the growing trend of Korean beauty industry, as much as it is important in their diet. The importance of hydration explains why the Korean beauty routine is so extensive with many elements involved. Products that make you feel and look refreshed, such as, face mists, exfoliators, eye creams, and gel-based sunscreen, are all popular in South Korea.

The effectivity of hydration is evident. Koreans boast glowing and youthful-looking skin. They also boast of long and slim bodies, thanks to their antioxidants-rich diet.

How do you get the benefits of hydration for your skin? And what are the recommended Korean products to keep your skin nourished?

1. Drink up!

It’s standard practice for Koreans to hydrate on water and teas; not sodas. They rarely buy water, too, as they often bring their water bottles. And they don’t have the eight-glasses-per-day rule; they simply drink out of need.

But more than plain water, barley tea is a more popular drink among South Koreans. Barley tea is an excellent choice for detoxification (that’s why it’s commonly taken as an after-meal drink) and for leveling out your energy (it’s also the drink of choice for those who exercise).

2. Use water-based skin products

There are loads of beauty products to choose from, but if you must, choose water-based ones. In South Korea, it is common to see water-based alternatives for almost all their beauty products, that even some cheek blushes are water based, too. Check the label if the product indeed has more of water than powder or cream base.

3. Follow the step-by-step Korean beauty routine

The Korean beauty routine is world famous for being both time and energy-intensive. But it is worth trying out.

The day routine is shorter, consisting of five steps:

1) Washing
2) Toning
3) Applying serum
4) Putting on eye cream
5) Using a sunscreen-infused moisturizer

If five steps already sound a lot, the night routine is even longer, with a total of ten steps:

1) Removing makeup with an oil-based cleanser;
2) Washing with a water-based cleanser
3) Exfoliating
4) Toning
5) Applying essence
6) Putting on ampoule on the entire face
7) Using serum for specific areas
8) Putting on sheet mask
9) Putting on eye cream
10) Moisturizing

These steps were designed to bring out the skin’s natural glow through proper hydration. Korean products cost more compared to those developed in other countries, but there’s a good reason why. As you will notice when you switch to Korean beauty products, they are usually made with water-based ingredients.

4. Carry a face mist

Living in urban areas proves to be a challenge in keeping your skin free from dirt and oil. You may find it weird when traveling around Seoul, but you will notice many people spritzing ‘something’ on their faces as if it’s way too normal, and you are left out baffled. This ‘something’ is a face mist, built to freshen you up and hydrate your skin. This mist is a quick-fix to those long days when you feel like you need a lift from the lull after lunch; or when it seems like you want to breathe after a night of partying.

Not all face mists are created equal, though. Some are designed for oily skin, while others are for dry skin. There are also face mists specially made for travelers.

Hydration is imperative in keeping your skin and body’s health in check. Do not forget that to nourish your skin, you do not only have to rely on products. You also must keep your body well-nourished, too.

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