Top 6 Private Jets Airports to Fly From in Los Angeles

Van Nuys airport runway

Los Angeles has been the center of various corporate and entertainment activities. Whether it is the Finance industry, Fashion industry, Entertainment industry, transportation or any other industry, Los Angeles ranks among the top cities to indulge in such activities. And this is one of the reasons why

Private Jets are found landing and taking off from various airports of Los Angeles. Yes, around 4000 Private Jets find their routes from Los Angeles every year from large international airports and other domestic airports too. Various runways in Los Angeles would help you catch your flights on time for hard to reach destinations.

As Private Jets come with benefits like bespoke routings and capability of versatile landing, it can access many commercial airports. Here is a list of the top airports in Los Angeles for Private Jets to book from Los Angeles.

Van Nuys airport runway●     Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Van Nuys is considered to be among the major airports of Los Angeles which came into existence in the year 1928. Supposed to be one of the favorite airports, it is quite often boarded by the people visiting California and Hollywood Hills. Again, it also serves as the set for various television and movie scenes for Hollywood. The airport remains quite busy with business, and private Jet traffics as well as military flights too. As it is around 30 minutes from the downtown of Los Angeles, it remains too busy for commercial flights. Counting both commercial and non-commercial, the airport experiences around 200000 landings and takeoffs on an annual basis. Some of the best features enjoyed by the Private Jets here include gourmet catering, plush lounges, showers, nap rooms, etc.

●     Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO)

Santa Monica got this famous airport in the year 1923, which was named as Santa Monica Municipal Airport. The airport is located at a distance of around 14 miles from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. Spread out on a land area of 227acres; the airport serves for both commercial and Private Jets with an asphalt runway. The Private Jets here are also served with special services from the FBO which includes hangars, parking, fuel, power carts, courtesy transportation and passenger lounge which adds to the features of the airport. The airport comes with the capability to handle around 296 flights in a day. It is counted among the airports that come with minimum landing fees in Los Angeles too.

●     John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA)

If you are looking for an airport with Private Jets near the beaches of Laguna, Newport, Anaheim Angels Stadium and Disneyland as well, John Wayne Orange County Airport is the most convenient. Located at a distance of 35 miles from Los Angeles, this year was officially started in the year 1923 and now serves to be a commercial destination to 25 cities. It is also considered to be the only airport for commercial service in Orange County. However, the Private Jets here are said to be operating from Atlantic Aviation Orange County which is believed to have some amenities like on-site concierge, a facility for exercising, valet services, Signature FBO, conference rooms, private lounge, etc. The airport serves with a minimum number of 10 passenger flights every day, apart from the Private Jets.

●     Long Beach Airport (LBG)

While counting the largest executive airports, Long Beach Airport is sure to be added to the list in Los Angeles. It serves both Private Jets and Commercial flights too as it is located at a distance of 23 miles from some industrial areas and popular tourist and inner-city areas. People looking for an airport near Long Beach docks would also land here to reach their destination soon. The airport provides with four different FBO private jets that include AirFlite, JFI JetCenter, Signature, and the Pacific Jet Center to travel with different luxurious facility sets like comfortable lounges, showers, catering services, kids entertainment, and much more. The FBOs here also help with other services like powerplant, major airframe, tie-downs, hangars, bulk oxygen, low or high bottled, etc.

Lights over LAX●     Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Serving both Private Jets and commercial flights since 1928, Los Angeles International Airport is the very first Municipal Airport in Mines Field. Considered to be one of the busiest commercial airports, it serves to around 80 million passengers on an annual basis. The airport also provides with two Private Jet terminals which are well equipped and provides with services like public notary, concierges, showers, business centers, private lounges, etc. that add to your comfort during the journey. With a distance of 16 miles from Los Angeles, the airport is the favorite to the private jet travelers looking to get connected with LAX and long distant commercial flights. There are some hotels too near the airport that makes it popular for commercial travelers.

●     Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

Located in California, Bob Hope Airport is quite less busy among other airports in Los Angeles. Serving both commercial and Private Jets, the airport is located on the northeast direction of the Los Angeles city. No doubt, the location of the airport is the main drawback for the airport, it still serves to be a good option while looking for private landing near Glendale, Pasadena, and Burbank that are counted as the glamorous cities of LA. The airport is named after a comedian Hope who passed away in 2002, after which it was named Bob Hope Airport. The airport provides with two terminals for the private jets that help in avoiding traffic from the nearby destinations. Some of the luxurious services you would enjoy include showers, lounges, conference rooms, hot cookies, etc.

There are very limited airports that serve the Private Jets with luxurious amenities in Los Angeles, yet, they remain busy throughout the year as various travelers are visiting for different purposes. The airports serve with varying lengths of the runway, traffic issues, accidental rates, and much more, and hence, it is better to take a proper survey for the same before visiting any of them.


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