Top Healthy Resolutions That You Can Easily Stick To

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Resolutions hold a vital role in everyone’s life, especially during the start of a New Year. For it’s a way to achieve their short- or long-term goal while for some it is the way to become a little more disciplined in their life. The resolution comes as an opportunity to make healthy changes in life and stick to them for achieving the objective.

The resolutions help to take a step towards good health or bringing a good change in your life which is quite tough. However, these days, resolutions have turned up similar to the games that are played merely for enjoyment. Today they are taken, and within a short time span, they are easily broken due to lack of required courage and confidence to carry it further.

Have you made any resolution or are thinking to make one? But worried if you would be able to carry it for the whole year? Let’s make things easier for you with a healthy and simple resolution you would be able to carry throughout the year.

Healthy Resolutions Easy to Stick To

Love to Cook, Hate the GroceryWhether you are new to taking resolutions, have failed various times in continuing it, or even if you lack required confidence, these healthy resolutions are sure to help you out as they are minor steps that help in making a small change in your life. Here are some you can try out.

Stairs or Elevators! What is your choice?

How much time does it take to climb the stairs and reach the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor of any building? Merely a minute or two! But how many do so when an elevator is there? Of course, when people see an elevator, they usually avoid using the stairs. Hence, even if they need to reach on the first or the third floor, they start using the elevators rather than climbing the stairs.

Make a resolution to use the stairs whether it is your home or even the office. This few minutes of using the stairs would help for your cardio health by burning calories, managing the weight and muscle building, helps in cutting carbon, etc. So, avoid the elevators and climb for your health.

Say no to emails and yes to paper chit messages:

Nearly all the corporate offices use emails not only to communicate with their customers but for internal communications too. Gone are the days of memos, registers, etc. which gave proper movements to the employees. As a result, long sitting hours result in situations like obesity, diabetes, etc.

So, this year, take a resolution to make one of the days as email free day. On that particular day, instead of mailing each other, take a minute and walk to the desk of other employees to give them messages. This would be a step towards dealing with obesity as well as increase the chances of getting familiar with the employees refreshing your mind.

Say NO to the cell phones and give yourself some time

When did you enjoy your morning coffee the last time? When did you spare sometime for morning walks or workout? Accept it. Various reports indicate that people are getting more and more addicted to cell phones. This has reduced the pleasure of self-enjoyment to nearly zero.

The morning begins with forwarding messages and checking emails and ends in a similar way too. So now, for developing a habit of avoiding cell phones in the morning, take a resolution of giving yourself some minutes in the morning for exercises, newspapers, etc.

Watch before you eat

What does the ingredient list include every day for meals? Do take a minute and think before filling your plate? Does your mind work when you are craving? This is a situation when people mostly go for unhealthy eatables like street food, junk food, burgers, etc. This year, take a small step and make sure you are taking a healthy and well-balanced diet even if it’s your favorite treat.

Instead of going for junk food go for healthy ingredients that would not only fill your tummy but would also provide you with required nutrients. Avoid the distractions and processed food and eat mindfully this year. In case you are not really good with managing your food plans and what goes in your body, look for some experienced Manhattan’s luxury personal chef group who would help you find a personal chef with the understanding of right food choices for you. These groups are frequently consulted by the residents to keep updated on the health-related news and trends.

Have you focused on your sleeping hours?

Do you sleep late? Or are you on the bed for long hours? What are your average hours of sleep? 8 out of 10 people avoid focusing on the required hours of sleep and invite health issues like stress, obesity, depression, etc. The number of hours you sleep holds a vital role in health management. Learn more about why sleep is so important for the overall betterment of your life.

For providing your body with required rest and helping the various functions of the body to work effectively, it is important to sleep for minimum 8 hours. Do you sleep for 8 hours? If no, take a resolution and cultivate a habit of sleeping on time and waking up on time. This would regulate your sleeping hours, which also helps people facing sleeping disorders.

Watch the quantities you order

Do you feel bloated every time you walk out of any restaurant? Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind it? Let’s solve this query today! There are two reasons behind this heaviness in your stomach. Firstly, the use of heavy spices in the meals and secondly, the quantity they serve you with.

When you are served with too much of quantity you are sure to eat more. Want to deal with this issue? Take a resolution of ordering small quantities or limited quantities. Again, you can also take small portions in your plate. Eating slowly is also another way to have limited meals as you wait till others finish up their meals.

Apart from all these, there are still some other ways you can add healthy resolutions. The list includes replacing the desserts with fruits, cutting down calories in your diet, intake of required water daily, reading the labels before purchasing food ingredients, include seeds or nuts in your snacks, keeping a watch on your bank balances regularly, limit official work to the offices, etc.

These small and simple resolutions would prove to be small steps towards developing healthy habits for long-time benefits. So, stop wondering and fix your schedule with the right time table, fix your food with a personal chef service, and your mindset with some achievable goals.

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